Speedy Tech in International Auto Glass Championship

Canadian champ wins 2nd in one-of-a-kind windshield repair competition

ryan-coxMobile glass technician Ryan Cox from Vancouver, BC won 2nd place at the international auto glass competition in Portugal last month.

Canadian mobile glass technician Ryan Cox won second place at the Best of Belron global event in Portugal today, right behind American contestant Gary Riebesehl from Safelite.

The ninth edition of this one-of-a-kind windshield repair and replacement competition gathered 27 technicians who had each won their country’s national contests, along with 1,500 colleagues, suppliers and partners from across the globe.

“This competition was an experience of a lifetime. I’m really proud of my performance and I would like to thank everyone back in Canada. Your well wishes made the difference and gave me confidence. ‎I have made friendships that will last a lifetime,” said Ryan Cox, technician at the Speedy Glass Kingsway service centre.

Ryan, who competed at the Meo Arena in Lisbon with the 26 best auto glass technicians in the world on May 18 and 19, had to repair and replace a windshield, recalibrate the camera of the Advanced Driver Assistance System, replace a side glass, remove and refit a rear window, and show his skills at communicating with customers before and after a job. Each auto glass technician was also asked to complete a detailed questionnaire covering every aspect of their job, from health and safety to customer care.

The annual competition is all about teamwork, collaboration and excellence and demonstrates how complex windshield replacement and repairing processes really are.  It also clearly shows how Speedy Glass commitment to training and our technicians’ expertise in the industry a top business priority.

Vancouver Connection

At the last edition in 2014, Vancouverite glass technician contestant Matt MacDonald also finished second. This opportunity gave him a whole new perspective on his career. He later visited many Speedy Glass service centres across the country to share his knowledge and encourage technicians to take part in the competition. When he transitioned to a management position, Ryan Cox was his first employee. “I pushed him to sign up and helped him train because the process was eye-opening for me and I knew Ryan had everything to be a great contestant. He is calm, confident, very intelligent, and he’s competitive in an understated way. I am so proud of him,” said Matt MacDonald, now manager of the Lakewood Speedy Glass.


About Best of Belron

The Best of Belron competitions take place everywhere in the world where the company has a vehicle glass specialist banner in operation. The best technicians compete in regional, national and international repair and replacement events in which very strict criteria must be respected. Since its creation in 2000, this competition has inspired and motivated technicians to achieve the highest levels of excellence. It clearly illustrates what a technician’s job with Belron Canada’s banners represents: ensuring quality work, with quick and accurate execution focused on safety and customer satisfaction.

With more than 350 service centres, 40 distribution/warehouse centres and over 1800 employees in all 10 provinces, Belron® Canada guarantees its customers local service. This national presence ensures service centres have ready access to supplies.

With its pan-Canadian network, unique skills, strict safety standards, personalized service, latest technology and complete training program, Belron® Canada stands out from the rest. The training program, given by Belron® Group certified experts, is taken by all our technicians, who are then trained to use the latest tools exclusively developed by Belron® Group technical teams with their own dedicated training programs.

Belron® Technical is a team of innovators, thinkers and doers focused on developing technical standards and revolutionary innovations in the world of automotive glass repair and replacement. Automotive glass fitting is in constant evolution and is becoming very complex, particularly where parts are concerned. Belron® Technical makes sure all technicians have the best skills, tools and equipment to do the job.

From all of us at Speedy Glass in Duncan, Well done Ryan !