Ezi-Wire Windshield Repair Tool

Ezi-Wire Windshield Repair Tool

At Speedy Glass Duncan, it’s probably no big surprise that we get to play with lots of tools every day but have you ever heard of our Ezi-Wire windscreen removal tool? No? That’s okay, it is kind of geeky… 🙂

The Ezi-Wire tool is really neat and best of all it helps us get your windshield changed out faster and you back on the road as soon as we can. Most windshield replacements are handled in just a few hours and don’t worry – if you have errands, we even have courtesy cars to help.  Our goal is to take the headaches out of what can sometimes be a real pain in the glass!   Just one more little reason to consider Speedy Glass Duncan for all of your auto glass needs.

Ezi-Wire – Standard tool for Windscreen removal

  • Patented system unique to Belron & Speedy Glass Duncan
  • Has been in use for over 10 years (launched in 2003)
  • Designed to eliminate the risk of vehicle damage and give the technician the safest removal method possible
  • The thing that really sets the Ezi-Wire apart from the opposition is our Patented Dual Direction Twin Winding Spool and Slip Cutting Technology, i.e. twin spools that cut from opposite directions and allow the use of controlled “slip cutting” which enables the cutting medium to slice (travelling over the portion being cut instead of just being pulled through it) rather than just cut which is an important feature when coping with difficult jobs. This means that more jobs are done right first time, with minimal risk to vehicle or technician
  • Ergonomically safer for the technician
  • Can also be used with Fibre line – this new cutting medium makes for safer damage-free windscreen removal

Getting a chip or cracked windshield sucks and then having to make time to take your car in to be repaired just becomes a pain right?  We have you covered and our goal is to handle all the paperwork with your insurance company, provide a courtesy car if you need one and ultimately get you back on the road asap.

Tools like Ezi-Wire and our commitment to local, Cowichan Valley old-fashioned customer service is just one more reason to consider Speedy Glass Duncan for all of your auto glass needs.

When accidents happen, rest assured knowing we’re there for you every step of the way!