At Speedy Glass in Duncan, we are very proud to support our local community becasue we live here too.  When a local school needed some help, they didn’t have to ask us twice.  As a thank you, we recently received this kind letter from the PAC at Ecole Mt. Prevost.

I am very excited to tell you I was contacted this past Tuesday by a gentleman by the name of Ken Matthews, who is the owner and operator of our local Speedy Glass (by the old Canadian Tire) He has been interested in our playground project all along and has been following our idea, has been voting, etc. A parent at our school Mark is an employee of his and was very instrumental in bringing the idea forward to all his fellow workers at Speedy.

Ken liked the idea so much he contacted me and has given us our first donation towards our multigenerational playground project. This donation is in the amount of $5000.00.

I was so honored when he told me this and so proud that our word is getting out there, such a great community!!

I would love to see our whole school community and beyond thank Ken by giving him our business from now on. I would strongly urge you to please visit our Local Speedy Glass with any of your auto glass needs.I met them all, they are great people!!!

Thank you,  Adam Clutchey – PAC president


Recent article (March 21st,2014) from the Cowichan News Leader